'Moore explores the boundaries of many musical traditions, moving them into common ground, not of form, but of feeling and depth, giving his music a universal quality which is hard to describe.' - freejazz-stef.blogspot.nl - March 10, 2009
Ramboy is a record label founded by Michael Moore in 1991. The first two releases offer an explanation of the label's existence; Ramboy #01 - "Trio Clusone" became the calling card of a working band, and Ramboy #02 - "Home Game" by Michael Moore Quintet had no home at the time. Since then the label has been used to document Moore's musical activities; sometimes working ensembles, sometimes special projects.
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To friendly experiencers everywhere: Ramboy Recordings is pleased to announce the CD set of Amulet, two discs of recent duo recordings by Paul Berner & Michael Moore,
Ramboy #39, available October 1st @ ramboyrecordings.com

According to some it's a 'Golden Retriever of an album'. ________________________________________________________________

Here's what the producer has to say: Chemistry between musicians is a magical thing. Michael Moore and Paul Berner have that kind of magic. When they play, the music seems to flow in a natural unhindered stream, each note being an obvious continuation of what was played before. It was a thrill to be in the producer's seat at this session, witnessing these two masters going about their craft. How they would feed off each other and pass the ball at just the right moment. Observing how they would shape a song into a whole by polishing, simplifying or embellishing where needed, yet all the time being aware of the freshness and immediacy of creating in the moment.

In order for musicians to function at this level, the environment has to be right. Engineer Frans de Rond deserves credit for designing a sound stage upon which Michael and Paul could thrive and create. Frans experimented with various microphone set ups before deciding to keep it as simple as possible by using only the Josephson 700s to record the duo. When Frans was satisfied with the balance of the musicians and the ambient sound of the hall, we invited Michael and Paul up to the control room, hoping they would agree that this was the sound with which we were going to proceed.

"This is us, this is how we sound, this is so real." was Michael's reaction upon listening. Paul just smiled at Frans and said: "Let's play!"

Listening right now to Amulet I marvel at the completeness of the album, how each song sounds as if it could not have been played in any other way. And it is all the more remarkable knowing that Michael and Paul were improvising, making up the framework of each song right there on the spot. And I marvel at the vivid naturalness of the sound, it's as if I am there, standing at the sweet spot where Frans placed the microphone. - Peter Bjørnild


"There are way too many gems here to discuss here but I will say this: last night, I was sipping on some dry wine, watching candle burn slowly and listening to these discs. Everything fit perfectly and I'm still smiling thinking about it now." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG, sept. 10th, 2021