'Moore explores the boundaries of many musical traditions, moving them into common ground, not of form, but of feeling and depth, giving his music a universal quality which is hard to describe.' - freejazz-stef.blogspot.nl - March 10, 2009
Ramboy is a record label founded by Michael Moore in 1991. The first two releases offer an explanation of the label's existence; Ramboy #01 - "Trio Clusone" became the calling card of a working band, and Ramboy #02 - "Home Game" by Michael Moore Quintet had no home at the time. Since then the label has been used to document Moore's musical activities; sometimes working ensembles, sometimes special projects.
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Greetings friendly experiencers!
As a result of the Covid-19 virus Band Camp has agreed to help us out by waiving their percentage from midnight to midnight tomorrow, Friday the 20th only. New digital downloads on Band Camp are Ramboy numbers:

#01 Trio Clusone,
#03 The Persons/Life During Wartime,
#07 Available Jelly/Monuments,
#21 Available Jelly/Bilbao Song and
#27 Michael Moore Quartet/Amsterdam

Ramboy Recordings is happy to announce that half of the catalog is now available as digital downloads at: Michael Moore Bandcamp

Three new album releases! Available now to order!


meanwhile we are sorry to say that Ramboy #05 - I'm an Indian, Too is no longer available

Early next year we hope to record the wind quintet 'Low, Slow & Wobbly', as seen here:


Recent projects:

the Michael Moore Bigtet - with Eric Boeren - cornet, Wolter Wierbos - trombone, Giuseppe Doronzo - baritone sax, Kaja Draksler - keyboards, Jorrit Westerhof - electric guitar, Arjen Gorter - bass, Michael Vatcher - percussion

duo with Rogerio Bicudo (choros, South African, jazz and our own pieces)

duo with Achim Kaufmann

Low, Slow & Wobbly featuring Ziv Taubenfeld, Giuseppe Doronzo, Joost Buis and Salvoandrea Lucifora

Please contact me for more information. Michael Moore, November, 2019